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ACC Neuropsychological Assessments in New Zealand

Filling out a written neuropsychological assessment

ACC Assessment


An Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) neuropsychological assessment is a specialized evaluation conducted by a qualified Neuropsychologist to assess and understand the cognitive, behavioural, and emotional effects of a neurological injury or condition that has been covered by ACC in New Zealand. The purpose of an ACC neuropsychology assessment is to provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis of how the injury or condition has impacted an individual's cognitive functioning and overall well-being.


During an ACC neuropsychological assessment, various standardized tests, interviews, observations, and other assessment tools are used to gather information about the individual's cognitive abilities, such as attention, memory, visuospatial cognition, language skills, executive functioning, and emotions. The assessment helps to identify any cognitive deficits, changes in behaviour, and emotional challenges that may have resulted from the neurological injury or condition.


The findings from the assessment are used to create a comprehensive profile of the individual's cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This information is crucial for developing tailored rehabilitation strategies, treatment plans, and support services to help the individual regain or maximize their cognitive abilities and overall quality of life.


ACC often covers the costs of neuropsychology assessments for individuals who have experienced neurological injuries or conditions as a result of accidents, providing them with access to specialized assessment and care to support their recovery and

Testing for Concussion


Lesia provides Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) neuropsychological assessments throughout New Zealand. She holds her own vendor ID to provide these full neuropsychological assessments and am also a fully named ACC service provider to provide neuropsychology screening assessments, screens for concussion and psychological treatment.

At present, she is only providing ACC neuropsychological assessments for children aged 16 years and younger.

Please reach out if you require an ACC neuropsychological assessment in New Zealand.

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